The Safety Talk You Need to Have With Clients

The Safety Talk You Need to Have With Clients

Keep all parties safe in a transaction by offering buyers and sellers these important tips.






Have you had the safety talk with your clients yet? It’s not only for their safety but for yours too.

It’s a conversation far too many real estate professionals omit from their discussions with home sellers and buyers. September is REALTOR® Safety Month, and most real estate safety information mostly centers on how to keep you safe when meeting new clients during showings or at open houses. But safety from your clients’ perspective presents an entirely new set of issues.

“When you go to listing appointments, do a security survey with your clients,” suggests safety specialist Tracey Hawkins, founder of Safety and Security Source and a former real estate professional. “Discuss with them how to make their home burglarproof when it’s on the market and how to keep their belongings safe. No other real estate agent is talking about that. This can be a way to distinguish yourself in a listing presentation. They may have already met with four or five other agents, but when you provide them with something different — a handout for a seller safety plan — you help set yourself apart.”

Learn More Safety Tips

Glean more tips to share with your clients to protect them against a crime. In conjunction with REALTOR® Safety Month, the National Association of REALTORS® will be hosting a free webinar at 1 p.m. CDT on Sept. 9, featuring Sgt. Preston Taylor on “Safety Tips to Share With Sellers.” Register for the webinar at Also, view more safety tips on keeping you and your clients safe at

Hawkins provides a checklist for agents to use as they walk through homes with sellers, looking for items to tuck away during showings like those prescription medications and gaming systems and checking the adequacy of the home’s lighting and door locks. She also says safety is an important conversation to have with home buyers prior to viewing homes for sale, particularly vacant homes like distressed properties where squatters could be present or maintenance issues may pose added dangers.

Safety Tips for Sellers: 6 Talking Points to Cover

Safety experts offer the following tips on the safety topics you should discuss with home sellers. Continue reading here






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